Fastmail features

Fastmail customers know that you don’t have to give up your privacy to have excellent features. Our email, calendars, and contacts have been thoughtfully designed to work for you. Together, they power your productivity, so you spend less time working in email.

Below, we walk you through some of our main features. Please review our pricing table at the bottom of the page to see what features come on which plans.

Where you can use Fastmail

You should always be able to access your account and have full control over your data and identity.

Fastmail makes it easy to access your account wherever you go.

  • Use Fastmail in your web browser.
  • Download our mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Continue to use your favorite desktop apps like Outlook or Apple’s Mail app.

Own your online identity

Fastmail makes it easy to manage your own identity and create additional users to manage.

  • Use your own domain. Keep the email addresses you own forever, no matter what services you end up using.
  • Bring in up to 100 domains on one account at no extra cost.
  • Create up to 600 email addresses with Fastmail accounts. Put anything you'd like before or (or any other Fastmail domain). Your reply will automatically be from the address your sender used. 

Keep reading for more features that support, and let you control, the way you work.

Email tools

Spend less time on email with a full-featured email inbox that helps you work quickly and efficiently.

  • Find what you need faster with an exceptionally speedy and precise search.
  • Never lose an important email with pinned messages.
  • Keep all related mail together with easy-to-follow conversations.
  • Rules let you send mail straight to folders with powerful, automated sorting.
  • Breeze through your day with keyboard shortcuts.

Find anything you’d expect from a modern email service with features like vacation responses, signatures, templates, anti-spam protections, and more.

Maximising your productivity on the go and at rest

Fastmail puts you and how you work first. Mobile features and notification controls are the result of careful consideration about how people use email today.

Take the power of Fastmail with you.

  • Get three apps in one with mail, calendars, and contacts together in one place.
  • For iPhone users, notifications come through the moment mail is received with push support.

Interruptions matter, so Fastmail offers tooling to take back control over the alerts you receive.

  • Give priority to the people you care about most, by setting up VIP contacts and select to only get alerts when your favorite people email you.
  • Since only you know what has meaning in your inbox, Fastmail apps let you control the groups and folders that send alerts.

All of this is possible because email, calendars, and contacts work together for you.

Calendars and contacts

Calendars bring your plans to life and contacts give you more control over your relationships.

Bring all your calendars together in one place.

  • Clearly see the full picture of your life with Fastmail calendars' month, week, day, and agenda views.
  • Find what you're looking for or see what’s ahead with a powerful search.
  • Events turn email conversations into real life plans. Send invites to calendar events. Schedule events and the time is correct in every timezone.
  • Share calendars with anyone or other users on your plan.

Build a comprehensive contact list.

  • Choose your VIP contacts to prioritize mail from them in your inbox and get notified when they email you.
  • Update your address book direct from the emails you are already receiving with auto-save contacts setting.
  • Share contacts with other users on your account.

Take these tools further with multi-user accounts and sharing. Read on for the features available for your business.

Fastmail for business

For businesses that put their customers first and want to protect their sensitive business data, Fastmail is a partner who is always there for you and shares your values.

With Fastmail for Business, you are never alone with 24-hour support and other helpful features.

  • Share your professional identity or brand with an email address that matches your website.
  • Create many email addresses to receive mail for the right situations (,, and any others that you need).
  • Send email from every address you have from one inbox.
  • Share your calendars, contacts, and email folders with the right team members on your account.
  • Never lose institutional histories with plenty of archival space.

Fastmail is for everyone, keeping business and personal data private and secure. Keep going for our security features built to protect you.

Security options for every level

You don’t need to be a security expert to keep your email secure. Fastmail does the work for you so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

While your data is never shared to advertisers, third parties, or viewed by us, security features are also working for you in the background.

  • Two-step verification protects you if you need it, and both TOTP and Yubikey hardware tokens are supported.
  • Unique access tokens for all your devices so that a lost device can be shut out quickly.
  • You can check for access attempts by viewing your login history whenever you want.
  • Maximize the power of unique email addresses by using Masked Email for various logins, making it harder to track you across user accounts.
  • Get the email you want, not what you don’t, with spam protection.
  • Useful encryption for when you need it the most.

Everyone deserves respect for their personal and business information. See all our security protections listed on our Security page.

Expert support and useful help pages

It can be impossible to get someone who cares to respond to your needs with other providers. But Fastmail provides free, expert support that you can rely on for helpful and friendly advice and information.

You’ll also love our comprehensive help page written by email experts who are working round the clock to ensure you have the best experience.

Please visit our support pages for visuals and more information on what you saw here.

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