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Fastmail customers know that you don’t have to give up your privacy to have excellent features. Our email, calendars, and contacts have been thoughtfully designed to work for you. Together, they power your productivity, so you spend less time working in email.

Below, we walk you through some of our main features. Please review our pricing page to see what features are available to each plan.

Email, calendars, and contacts

With Fastmail, you get access to three apps in one - email, calendars, and contacts. Each of these comes with features that you can use to increase productivity and improve your workflow.


Reclaim your email with Fastmail. Fastmail offers an intuitive interface, and unique privacy features to keep you protected. This page will cover many of the email features we offer. For general information on sending/receiving emails with Fastmail, see the Mail help directory.


Send calendar invitations to turn email conversations into real life plans. Fastmail's calendar makes it easy for you to see what's ahead: Our month, week, day, and agenda calendar views clearly show you the full picture of your schedules, and the calendar search feature allows you to find exactly what event you're looking for.

For more on this, see the Calendar help directory.


Use Fastmail contacts to build a comprehensive contact list and manage your relationships. You can choose VIP contacts to prioritize mail from them in your inbox and receive notifications when they email you. Update your address book directly from the emails you are already receiving with our auto-save contacts setting.

For more on this, see the Contacts help directory.

Own your online identity

Fastmail makes it easy to manage your own identity with the use of aliases and custom domains.

You can create up to 600 aliases for use with your account. These aliases can be used as extra email addresses. For more on this, see the How to set up aliases page.

If you own a custom domain, you can set it up to be used with your Fastmail account. Using your own domain allows you to use the same email addresses no matter what services you end up using for your email needs. You can add up to 100 domains on your account. For more on this, see the Custom domains with Fastmail page.

Masked Email

A Masked Email address is a unique, automatically generated email address that can be used in place of your real email address. This is especially useful when you need to sign up with new services online. Keep your real email address private and protect yourself from data breaches and spam by creating a new Masked Email for every service. Maximize the power of unique email addresses by using Masked Email for various logins, making it harder to track you across user accounts.

For more on this, see the Masked Email page.

Email tools to stay organized and productive

Spend less time on email with a full-featured email inbox that helps you work quickly and efficiently.

Mail rules

Mail rules can be used to help you keep your mailbox organized exactly how you like it. You can use mail rules to automatically perform actions on messages that are sent to your mailbox, such as moving certain messages into a folder/label.

For more on this, see the Mail rules page.

Snooze and Scheduled Send

If you don't want to immediately take action on your emails, you can use the Snooze or Schedule Send features. They allow you to get to your emails when you want to.

Snooze is a tool designed to move messages out of your Inbox, then bring them back when you are ready to respond. This allows you to bring back emails to your Inbox when you want to take action on them. For more on this, see the Snoozing mail page.

Scheduled Send is a tool designed to allow you to choose a date and time for your emails to be sent. You can compose emails at a time that is convenient for you, and send out those emails at a time that you believe is the most convenient for the recipient. For more on this, see the Scheduled send page.

Enhanced search

Fastmail offers a powerful search feature to help you quickly and easily find the messages you need. You can search your mailbox using the search bar located at the top. When you are using search, there are common searches and other search suggestions offered to you. You also have the option to create your own custom searches, which you can save for easy access the next time you want to use the same search.

For more on this, see the Searching your mail page.


The Sidebar offers the ability to see the information of your account at a glance. You can use the Sidebar to keep your most important information readily available while you manage your email. When viewing emails in the Fastmail web interface, opening the sidebar lets you quickly view your calendars and contacts, or see events, people, and attachments related to the message you're reading.

For more on this, see the Sidebar: info at a glance page.

Customize your experience

Fastmail offers options for you to customize your account to your liking. These include the use of folders or labels, the theme of your account, and setting custom swipe actions.

Choose folders or labels

You can choose between using folders or labels for your Fastmail account. Pick the option that is most convenient for your work flow, and change between folders and labels any time you'd like.

For more on this, see the Setting up and using folders and Setting up and using labels pages.

Custom themes

You can customize how your interface looks like by setting a custom theme. Fastmail offers pre-designed themes which you can choose from. You can also design your own theme by picking custom header and accents colors.

For more on this, see the Themes page.

Custom swipes

The custom swipes feature allows you to quickly take actions on emails in your message list while on a mobile device (or a device that is touchscreen compatible). You can choose actions for up to four different swipes, which you can customize to fit your work flow.

For more on this, see the Custom swipes page.

Your data is yours

It's easy to retain data from your old email services and move that data over to Fastmail. There are also options to recover data that's accidentally deleted from your account as well.

Easy migration - import and fetch

Fastmail offers easy to use migration tools that allow you to migrate data from your other email accounts over to Fastmail. This includes importing and exporting your data (like emails, contacts, and calendars). If you manage multiple email accounts and would like to receive all mail at one place, you can set up mail fetch. This allows you to fetch the mail from these external accounts to your Fastmail account.

For more on this, see the Account setup basics directory. There are help pages for migrating to Fastmail from specific services, and also a general Import your mail help page. For mail fetch setup, see the Using other email addresses with fetch page.

Restore tool

If you accidentally delete any data or make changes to your account that you want to revert, the restore tool can do that for you. With the restore tool, you can recover permanently deleted drafts and messages within 7 days. You can also revert changes made to your contacts, calendar events, and notes from within 7 days.

For more on this, see the How to restore deleted data page.

Security options for every level

You don’t need to be a security expert to keep your email secure. Fastmail does the work for you so that you can enjoy peace of mind. Your data is not shared to advertisers, third parties, or viewed by us, and other security features are also working for you in the background. Everyone deserves respect for their personal and business information.

See the How Fastmail provides a secure service page for further information on the security protections Fastmail has in place.


For extra security, you can add two-step verification (also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA) to your Fastmail account. Having 2FA active increases the security of your account by requiring two steps - your password and an additional security step - in order to log in to your account. We support the use of authentication apps and physical security keys for 2FA setup.

For more on this, see the Using two-step verification (2FA) page.

Spam protection

Fastmail has a robust spam filtering system, which include custom options to suit individual users' needs. Our spam checking process is extensive, and we perform many checks at the time an email is received to stop spam. Along with that, custom spam protection settings can be set individually by users for added spam checking.

For more on this, see the Spam filtering and Improving spam protection pages.

App passwords

You have the option to use your Fastmail account with third-party apps (non-Fastmail services like mail clients, calendar apps, and contacts apps). To ensure the security of your account, every third-party program or app needs its own app password in order to access your account's information.

For more on this, see the App passwords page.

Login log

Attempts to log in to your Fastmail account is logged. You can view this information via your account's Login log. Here you can check for successful and unsuccessful login attempts to your account via the Fastmail interface or any third-party applications, within the last four weeks.

For more on this, see the Logged in sessions page.

Use Fastmail on the go and at rest

Fastmail puts you and how you work first. You should always be able to access your account, whether you're on the go or at rest. Fastmail makes this easy for you.

The Fastmail mobile app

You can download the Fastmail app on your devices for easy access to your account. Get three apps in one with mail, calendars, and contacts together in one place. There are also options for customizing your notifications. Give priority to the people you care about most, by setting up VIP contacts and select to only get alerts when these VIP contacts email you. You also have the option to pick and choose what folders/labels send you notifications when new mail arrives.

The Fastmail app is available on Android and iOS. For more on this and notification settings, see The Fastmail mobile app page.

Mail client of your choice

You can use Fastmail with the mail clients of your choice. This includes Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook, and many others. We have help pages with instructions on how to set this up.

You can find these guides via the Setting up mail clients directory.

Fastmail for business

Fastmail makes it easy to start building your business and professional identity. For businesses that want to protect their sensitive data and to put their customers first, Fastmail is a partner who is always there for you and shares your values.

Using different aliases

Build your brand with email addresses that match your professional identity. With Fastmail, you can create many email addresses to receive mail for the right situations (for example,,, and any addresses your business will need). You're then able to send email from every address you have, all from one inbox.

For more on aliases, see the How to set up aliases and Catch-all/wildcard aliases pages.

Shared calendars, contacts, folders, and files

Calendars, contacts, folders (or labels), and files can be shared among the users within your account. Sharing can be set up for specific calendars, contacts, folders, or files, and share access can be given to specific users as well. This allows you to set up structure for your business based on who should have access to what information.

For more on this, see the following pages:

Retention archive

The retention archive is a feature that provides a tamper-proof copy of every email sent or received, which can be accessed only by administrators of an account. This is useful for meeting the compliance requirements for industries or businesses that are required to keep records of all their email communication.

For more on this, see the Professional email retention archive page.


Fastmail provides free, expert support that you can rely on for helpful and friendly advice and information. We also have various comprehensive help pages, which offer useful information and guidance on how to set up and use your Fastmail account.

You can get in contact with us via our online form, and you can visit our support pages to learn more about Fastmail.

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