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About email retention

Email retention is a feature that provides a tamper-proof copy of every email sent or received, which can be accessed only by administrators of the account. This feature is only available to Professional accounts and legacy business accounts. The system is flexible enough to meet the demands of most industries:

  • The retention archive can be enabled or disabled per account.
  • Email is kept in special read-only folders that cannot be altered by any user, but can be viewed by an administrator.
  • Enabling or disabling retention also generates an email, so you can confirm that retention has not been tampered with.
  • Flexible retention policies are available, so you can decide how long to keep emails based on your business/industry requirements.
  • Professional accounts have no charge for enabling retention.
  • Legacy business accounts are charged based on the storage you use: $2.00 USD per account, per GB, per month (see below for more details).

How to enable retention

To enable email retention in your Professional account:

  1. Log in as an admin user.
  2. Go to the Settings → Users & Aliases screen.
  3. Select the user(s) you want to enable retention for and click Edit in the toolbar at the top.
  4. Tick Keep a tamper-proof copy of all email sent to/from this user, and select how long you wish to hold the copy.

How to view retained emails

Only administrators of the account can view retained emails.

  1. Go to the Settings → Users & Aliases screen.
  2. Use the View email retention archive link below the Users section.

In the folder list on the left is a drop-down of all users with retention enabled. Included within are sub-folders for their sent and received email.

Legacy retention

Note: Professional plan accounts have no charges for email retention.

For accounts on our legacy "Business" plan, our pricing for email retention is based on the total size of email retained for a user.

The price is calculated and charged on the 1st calendar day of each month. For each user archive, $2.00 is charged for each gigabyte in the user's retention account. Prices are rounded up to the nearest gigabyte, so if you have 1.7 GB in one user's archive, you would be charged $4.00 for that user's archive (rounded up to 2 GB).

To check the amount of storage used, view the account archive.

To view the archive, go to Settings → Users & Aliases, then click the View email retention archive link. Beneath the list of folders in the sidebar there is a summary of the storage being used.

Note: Legacy accounts will continue to be billed $2.00 per gigabyte per user until the archive is completely deleted. Please contact Support for assistance with deleting an archive.

If you would like to continue with archive retention, but no longer want the unexpected costs, we invite you to upgrade to our Professional plan. For $90 per user per year, Professional subscribers receive 100 GB of mail storage and 50 GB of file storage, plus your retention archive at no additional cost.

To switch your subscription to Professional, log in to, go to Settings → Billing & Plan, then click the green Upgrade button beneath the Professional option.

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