Managing multi-user accounts

A multi-user account is a Fastmail account with more than one user in it. All users in the account can be on any plan, and you are not locked into one plan type for all users.

One of the advantages of multi-user accounts is that there's only one payment to manage for all users. Multi-user accounts can allow users to access information that has been shared in the account, such as shared mail folders, shared contacts, or shared calendars.

Multi-user accounts have one or more account administrators who take care of bill payments, managing users, and setting up any domains or websites in use by the account.

Set up a multi-user account

The first user in the account will be considered the account administrator. When signing up, select your plan. You can set up your domain if you're using one, or choose one of the many Fastmail domains.

If you already have mail hosting elsewhere, our migration guide details how to transition your user accounts, custom domains, contacts, and calendars to Fastmail.

Otherwise, if this is a fresh account, we've compiled a list of help pages that can guide you through setting up and managing your multi-user account.

Initial setup

Manage users

Manage payments and plan

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