With Drafts, you can save a message while composing it so that you can edit the message and send it at a later time. Mail that has started to be composed but has not yet been sent is automatically saved into this folder, ready for you to complete whenever you'd like.

When composing a message, you can save the message to your Drafts by clicking Save draft, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+s, or exiting out of the compose view.

Drafts and Scheduled Send

You can cancel a scheduled message by going to your Scheduled folder, opening the message, and clicking the Cancel send button.

The message will move to your Drafts folder and re-open in the Compose screen. From here, you can make any desired edits or choose a new time for the message to be scheduled.

If your account is unable to send for any reason (e.g. the account subscription is long overdue), any messages scheduled to be sent during that time will be moved to your Drafts folder. 

Creating Templates using Drafts

If you need to send the same type of message on a frequent basis, you can save time by creating a template. Whether you send, save, or discard the draft, the original template will stay in the Templates folder or label. See our Templates help page for more details.

Sharing Drafts

Draft messages can be shared with other users in your account by dragging-and-dropping the draft into a shared folder.

Using Drafts with multiple tabs

When more than one version of the same draft is open across multiple tabs, we save the most recently edited one. This means that if the most recently edited version isn't the preferred draft and the window with the preferred draft is closed, then that version of the draft will be lost. 

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