Download all your data

Whether you're migrating away from Fastmail or you'd like to make your own backup of your data, you can download all your information.

Download your mail

You can export your mail by going to Settings → Migration and clicking the Export tab. Click New mail export, and follow the steps on the screen to choose the folder and date range. Once the export has finished, click Download.

Mail will be downloaded in a .zip file on your desktop. Only one folder can be downloaded at a time, so these steps will need to be repeated for each folder you wish to download and export. We currently limit exports to 4 GB at a time. 

You can also import your mail into a desktop mail client using our setup guides. From there, your mail client can export the data to be stored locally in a format of your choice.

Some tips to remember when downloading your mail:

  • If you try to export a mail folder that only contains subfolders, the import will fail. The subfolders will need to be exported individually.
  • Make sure your mail client is set up to download data for offline access. This ensures it has a local copy of all of your data.
  • Make sure your mail client is downloading all of your folders. By default, many clients only synchronize the INBOX.
  • Make sure your mail client isn't configured to leave large mail or large mail attachments on the server.

Download your contacts

Follow our guide to export your contacts.

Download your calendars

Follow our guide to export your calendars.

Download your notes

At this time, we do not have a tool for downloading your notes. The easiest way to save your notes is to manually copy and paste them into a desktop text editor.

Download your files

You can download your files stored on Fastmail to your computer. This can be done either one file at a time, or all at once in a compressed ZIP folder.

  1. Go to Files.
  2. Click the checkbox next to each file you wish to download, or click the checkbox at the top to select all of your files.
  3. Click the Download button.

For more information on Files, please see our About Fastmail file storage help page.

Download your payment history

To download your past invoices, go to the Settings → Billing & Plan screen. Click on the View invoices and billing history button. This page will show your payment history and Download buttons for each individual invoice.

Download your login history

You can download your login history from the last four weeks as a CSV file by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings → Privacy & Security.
  2. Find the Logged in sessions section and click Review
  3. Click View all logins in the last 4 weeks to view your Login Log.
  4. Click the Download as CSV button.

Delete your data

You can delete all your data by canceling and deleting your account.

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