End of support for @operamail.com addresses

The use of the operamail.com domain name for all Fastmail features ended in June 2022.

Why did this happen?

The operamail.com domain is owned by Opera, not Fastmail. We handled mail at this domain on Opera's behalf since Fastmail staff bought back the company in 2013. In February 2021, Opera advised us that they would no longer allow us to handle mail through this domain, at which point we began advising affected users of the upcoming change. 

What changed?

  • On February 15, 2021, we began notifying operamail.com users of the end of support for @operamail.com addresses.
  • Effective March 30, 2022, operamail.com users that did not select a new username had their username changed to yourusername_operamail@fastmail.com
  • Effective June 6th, 2022, sending mail from an @operamail.com address was disabled.
  • Effective June 13th, 2022, mail sent to an @operamail.com email address began bouncing.
  • Effective June 27th, 2022, websites located at youraddress.operamail.com stopped loading.
  • Effective June 27th, 2022, the ability to log in to Fastmail with an @operamail.com address was disabled. 

What do I need to do?

Update apps

Mail syncs

You'll need to update the username and corresponding app passwords in any third-party apps you use for email. You can use our setup guide or refer to our help pages.

Calendar syncs

If your calendar app supports autodiscovery, we expect updating the username and app password will maintain the sync. 

If your calendar app does not support autodiscovery and instead syncs via CalDAV URLs, these URLs need to be updated after changing the username to continue syncing.

To get the new URL, visit Settings → Calendars, then click Export next to the calendar you want to sync. A pop-up window will appear with a new CalDAV URL. You can copy and paste this into your calendar app's settings. For help navigating your app's settings, refer to our setup guide.

Other syncs

If you have files or contacts synced with third-party apps, you'll also need to update the settings of these apps with the new username and a new app password.

Update your website

If you had a website at youraddress.operamail.com, you'll need to select a new URL. You can do this from the Files → Websites → New screen. You may also wish to notify your website visitors of the new URL. 

Personalize your username

Would you prefer a different username than yourusername_operamail@fastmail.com? You can keep your current Fastmail account and simply change your username to something else at any of the other domains we own, or a custom domain

The steps to change your username are: 

  1. Log in to app.fastmail.com with your current username.
  2. Go to the Settings → Users & Sharing screen.
  3. Click Edit next to your username.
  4. Click Rename next to your username. Use the dropdown box to the right of the @ symbol to select a different domain.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the blue Save button on the left side.
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