Remote file access

WebDAV and FTP

WebDAV is a protocol for remotely accessing and managing files over the internet. FTP is an earlier and less fully featured tool that does the same thing. Currently, more programs support FTP than WebDAV.

To access your stored files remotely, you need to use either a WebDAV or FTP client.

How to set up WebDAV

WebDAV Clients

There are a lot of clients out there to help with WebDAV. Here's a shortlist of some better-made products:

Windows 10 Explorer
MacFinder (built-in)
LinuxDolphin (KDE) or
Konqueror (KDE)

Log in to your WebDAV client with your full Fastmail username and an app password with WebDAV/FTP permissions.

You must use the username you used to sign up for your account. Aliases cannot be used.

Some software may have difficulty with the @ symbol. In these cases, you can use other symbols in its place:

  • username@your.domain
  • username#your.domain
  • username/your.domain
  • username=your.domain

Connect to using your DAV client. You will see all folders available to you, including shared folders from other users, and also special temporary files/folders. To see your actual files, you have to navigate into the username.domain.tld folder, and then the files folder within that.

To go directly into your own file directory, connect to instead of

How to set up FTP

Connect to with your username and an app password with WebDAV/FTP permissions. Your My Files directory will be in /username.your.domain/files/.

FTP Clients

WindowsCyberduck (free) or
WebDrive (free) or
WS-FTP (free)
MacTransmit (paid) or
Cyberduck (free)
LinuxgFTP or
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