Business policy settings

If you are using your Fastmail account for business, you can mark yourself as a company to add your company name and VAT number (if applicable) to your account. You can also set a company name on your account, which is used on invoices and on account renewal notices.

You can designate your Fastmail account as a company account by going to and clicking the Change payment method button. From here, you can select I am a company and enter your company name or VAT number. Be sure to click Save.

GDPR and the Data Protection Addendum (DPA)

If you are a business and affected by the GDPR, you can accept our DPA and have it apply to you and your users.

You can accept our DPA by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings → Users & Sharing → Team settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the GDPR section.
  3. Toggle the button.

You can return to this screen and uncheck the box at any time if you feel that the GDPR no longer applies.

For more information, see our blog on Fastmail and the GDPR.

Creating a custom login page

For accounts using a custom domain, they can have a custom login screen to access at (For security, this will redirect to the Fastmail domain for login, but will present your custom login screen).

Note: Custom login screens only support using http, not https. Trying to access a custom login page with https will result in a certificate error message.

Administrators can customize the login screen for their account on the Files → Websites screen.

To make customization quick and easy, you only need to choose 3 things:

  1. An overall theme for the page (4 to choose from).
  2. Title text to appear on the login screen (defaults to “Your account webmail login”).
  3. A logo you want to appear on the page (optional). You can upload any JPG/PNG you have. This will automatically be resized to fit the login screen.

If you host DNS for your domain with us, this will just work automatically. If you use an external DNS provider, you’ll need to create a CNAME record for that points to

An example page is viewable at

Setting the email footer

Text can be added to the bottom of every email sent by every user within your account. This is typically used to add a disclaimer. At this time, this is text-only (no HTML or rich text formatting).

Administrators can set the email disclaimer on the Settings → Users & Sharing → Team settings screen.

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