Importing users into an account

You can merge two separate Fastmail accounts into the same billing account as individual users.

Please note: It is recommended to have the owner of the to-be imported account physically present so they can enter their password and review the terms.

To import a user to your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new user within your account with a temporary username.
  2. Use our Email Import Tool to import the old account into the new user.
  3. Rename the old user to free up the address.
  4. Rename the new user to the recently-made available address
  5. Delete the original account.

Fastmail server details

In the email import tool, enter the following information:

IMAP server
Username Your Fastmail email address, including the domain
Password Your app-specific password. You cannot use your regular Fastmail password.
Root folder/IMAP path prefix (leave blank)
Use SSL Yes
Remote server prefix (leave blank)

Once your mail's done importing, we'll email you with a summary of what happened. Please be patient and do not try importing from the same account again whilst the first one is still running, otherwise you'll get 2 copies of every message in your account. You can continue to use your account as normal while your email is being imported.

After this process has been completed, you can continue with the renaming of the accounts. To do so:

  1. Log in to the original account and rename it from the Settings → Users & Aliases screen, giving it a temporary username.

    Please note: After the account is renamed, the old username will be added as an alias. This will need to be deleted from the Aliases list to free the address.

  2. Cancel the original account.

    • Skipping this step may cause the account to be charged again, upon its next subscription renewal date.

Once the address has been completely removed from the account, it will be available for use on the newly created user within your multi-user account. You can rename it by logging back into this user and renaming the account.

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