Fastmail does not support DNSSEC. If your domain has DNSSEC enabled, it can cause issues with DNS and potentially prevent you from successfully sending or receiving mail.

If your domain has DNSSEC enabled and you would like to have Fastmail host the DNS for your domain, you will need to disable DNSSEC. This can be done through the domain registrar where you purchased the domain.

Below are some common issues that could be due to DNSSEC. If you encounter any of these issues with your domain, we recommend that you first check to see if the domain has DNSSEC enabled or not. If DNSSEC is enabled, disabling it should resolve the issue.

  • Your domain is not active, thus preventing you from sending/receiving mail.
  • Your domain is active, but you're still unable to receive mail and/or mail is bouncing.
  • Some DNS records are not configuring for your domain.
  • You're using Fastmail to host the website for your domain, but can't enable Let's Encrypt.

For more on why Fastmail doesn't support DNSSEC, you can view our blog post detailing this.

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