Mute conversations

We’ve all ended up on long email chains we’re not interested in. If you no longer want to read new messages in a conversation, you can use our Mute replies feature.

Any further replies to a muted conversation will go straight to your Archive folder, without any notifications. You can also set up rules for handling muted conversations.

Note: Mute is not available to users on Basic plans. Conversation grouping must be enabled for the mute option to appear.

How to mute and unmute

You can mute a conversation by selecting or opening it, then clicking the More button from the toolbar and selecting Mute replies.

You can unmute the conversation at any time by opening it and clicking the Unmute button. You can also unmute the conversation by selecting it, clicking the More button from the toolbar and selecting Unmute.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Shift+M for Mute, and Option+Shift+M (Mac) or Alt+Shift+M (Windows) for Unmute.

Handling muted conversations

If you'd like to see all of your muted conversations, you can search for muted conversations using is:muted. If you frequently use is:muted, you can also save the search for easier and faster access.

When creating rules, you can add You have muted the conversation or You have not muted the conversation as conditions.

If a muted conversation matches one of your rules, the rule's actions will still be applied, except for "Notify me." The "Notify me" action will be ignored, and you will not receive a notification.

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