Fastmail's interface offers a built-in Unsubscribe option so you can quickly unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists. If you're cleaning out your mailbox, you can also use our Delete all option to quickly delete messages you've already received from the mailing list.

The Unsubscribe option can be found at the top of the message you're viewing, next to the sender.

What happens when I click Unsubscribe?

If you click Unsubscribe on a message, you should not receive future messages from this mailing list. You should still be able to receive other non-mailing list messages from this sender, such as order confirmations.

What happens when I click Delete All?

If you use the Unsubscribe option, you may also be offered the Delete all option. This option will find all messages you've previously received from this mailing list and delete them to your Trash folder. 

When can I expect to see these options?

We offer the Unsubscribe option on legitimate mailing list emails that contain the X-ME-VSSU header. This is a Fastmail-specific header that we add to an incoming message if our spam filter detects that it contains unsubscribe details.

We will not offer the Unsubscribe option if our spam filter detects that the message is not part of a mailing list, or if it detects that the message is spam.

The Delete all option is only offered if the message you're unsubscribing from has a List-ID header. We do not offer this option if it will cause non-mailing list emails from the same sender, such as billing notifications, to be deleted as well.

What if the Unsubscribe option doesn't work?

If the Unsubscribe option fails for any reason, we will offer the option to block the sender instead.

If you choose to block the sender, future messages from this address will be delivered straight to your Trash folder.

Please note that choosing to block the sender will block all future messages from that address, not just mailing list messages from that address.

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