My email addresses

At the Settings → My email addresses screen, you can manage all of your email addresses in one place. 

This screen makes it easy to quickly create new email addresses for different purposes, whether you want to generate a Masked Email address to use with a new service, create a professional looking address, or just try something new.

If you are an admin looking to create an email address for another user in your account, this can be done by going to Settings → Users & Sharing → Aliases.

Viewing my email addresses

The Settings → My email addresses screen shows every email address that you have created in Fastmail, every email address that you have migrated to Fastmail, or any email address that has been shared with you by an admin in your Fastmail account.

At the top of the screen, you can see your total number of addresses listed next to All addresses, as well as the number of regular email addresses you have set up, and the number of Masked Email addresses you have generated. Click the Masked Email button to quickly switch to your Settings → Masked Email screen and manage your Masked Email addresses from there.

By default, the list is sorted in alphabetical order of addresses. If you wish to sort the list by name, domain, or nickname, this can be done by clicking the Email address dropdown at the top of the list. To switch the sort direction between ascending and descending order, click the arrow icon next to the dropdown.

You can also quickly find an email address by typing part of the address or name in the Search Addresses bar. The Search Addresses bar supports glob pattern matching using the character *. By typing * and the string you want to search, you can search for all of your addresses that have that string anywhere in the address. For example, searching for *foo* will return results containing both food@domain.tld and dogfood@domain.tld.


The Type column in your address list lets you easily see at a glance what kinds of email addresses you have set up.

An email address will have one of the following types listed:

  • Username: This is the email address that is used to log in to your Fastmail account.
  • Alias: This is an email address that sends and receives mail through Fastmail.
  • Shared alias: This is a shared email address that can be accessed by other users in your Fastmail account. 
  • Catch-all alias: If you have a custom domain, this allows you to receive mail sent to any address at the domain.
  • Send via...: This is an external email address that you have set to send through Fastmail's servers.
  • Masked Email icon: You have manually set up a sending identity for this Masked Email address.

You can click the funnel icon to filter your email addresses by type.

Create an email address

If you wish to create a new email address for yourself, you can do so by going to Settings → My email addresses and clicking Add address.

You will be shown two options: Create an alias and Add an address you already own.

If you want to create a brand new email address, click Create alias. For detailed information and instructions on configuring your alias, please see our How to set up aliases help page.

If you want to add an email address that already exists (e.g., an address at another email provider), click Add an address you already own. For detailed information and instructions on sending and receiving mail through an external address, please see our Using other email addresses with fetch help page.

Editing my email addresses

You can make changes to any of your email addresses by finding it in the list and clicking the Edit button.

From this screen, you can choose delivery options for the alias, set a name and signature, and edit other advanced settings. For detailed information and instructions on configuring these settings, please see our How to set up aliases help page.

If you are editing a Send via... address that is set to send through external servers, you will also see Authenticated delivery (SMTP settings), where you can reauthenticate the address or check its server settings. For more information, please see the Authenticated delivery (SMTP settings) section below.

Deleting an email address

If you wish to delete an email address, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings → My email addresses.
  2. Click the Edit button next to the address you wish to delete.
  3. Click the Delete button.
  4. A Verify it's you box will appear. Enter your password and click Continue. (For more information, see our Password-protected actions help page.)
  5. The address is now deleted.

Authenticated delivery (SMTP settings)

If you see that your email address has an Fix it button instead of an Edit button, this means that the address is not authenticated.

You will not be able to use the address to send mail until you either a) set up authenticated sending, or b) verify the email address. Attempting to send a message through Fastmail or a third-party email client will result in an error message, or the messages will be rejected on the SMTP level.

To resolve this issue, click the Fix it button next to your unverified address, and choose one of the following options:

Set up authenticated sending (recommended)

If you choose this option, you will be able to send mail through your external email providers' servers. We recommend choosing this option, as this is the best way to ensure that your mail will be successfully delivered.

If your external address is at Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, or Yahoo, you will see a button that allows you to log in to the email provider and connect your account to Fastmail.

If your external email address is not at one of the above email providers, you will be prompted to enter the SMTP server details for the email provider. If you need help with finding or entering the email provider's SMTP server information, our support team would be happy to help you with this. 

Verify address

If you choose this option, you will need to prove that you can successfully receive mail at this email address. This allows us to verify that you own or have access to this email address.

Clicking the Verify button will open a new screen where you can request a single-use code to that email address. Click Send verification code. When you have received the verification code at that address, you can then return to this page, enter the code, and click Verify. Once this has been done, you will be able to send mail using this address.

Even after verifying your email address, you will see a "Messages may not be delivered" banner on the address's Edit screen. This is because you are not sending through your provider's servers. Some mail services may see this as an attempt at email spoofing, and thus may mark your messages as spam or bounce them entirely. (Setting up authenticated sending, as noted above, is the best way to avoid this.)

Addresses for other users in your account

If you are an admin looking to add a new user to your account, create a new email address for a user in your account, or create a shared email address to be accessed by other users in your account, this can be done by going to Settings → Users & Sharing.

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