Set up Vivaldi Mail

Vivaldi is a web browser that can be downloaded for free on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Vivaldi Mail is Vivaldi's built-in mail client, allowing you to keep your mail folders in sidebar view while browsing the web.

Vivaldi Mail needs its own app password to access your information. If you use your normal password or your Fastmail two step verification password in Vivaldi Mail, syncing won't work and you will see a password error.

How to set up Vivaldi Mail

1. Download and open the latest version of Vivaldi.

2. Click on the Vivaldi Mail icon on the browser's sidebar.


3. Click Add Mail Account.

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4. Enter your Fastmail email address, leave the dropdown menu on IMAP, and click Continue. The server details should fill in automatically. 

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Note: If the server details do not fill in automatically, then fill in the details as follows:
  • Incoming Server:
  • Port: 993
  • Username: Your full Fastmail username, including the domain.
  • Password: Your Vivaldi Mail app password. (What is an app password?)
  • Outgoing Server:
  • Port: 465
  • Username: The same Fastmail username entered previously.
  • Password: The same Vivaldi Mail app password entered previously.
  • Click Add Account and skip step 5.
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5. Vivaldi will prompt you for your "long safe password." Enter your app password so Vivaldi can access your Fastmail account, then click Sign in. (What is an app password?)
Your Fastmail account is now ready to use in Vivaldi Mail!
Once your account has been added, you can edit your sender name, signature, and other mail settings from the same window.
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How to set up Vivaldi Calendar

To add your Fastmail calendar in Vivaldi, open the Calendar tab in Vivaldi's sidebar. You'll be prompted to click Add Calendar Account to add your first calendar. 

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Select CalDAV from the sync options listed and then click Continue.

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Enter your full Fastmail username, app password, your desired name for the calendar account, and the server and then click Add Account.

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For additional information on adding and managing calendar accounts in Vivaldi Calendar, check out this Vivaldi help page.

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