Managing resold accounts

Managing a reseller account is easy! All resold accounts are grouped into their own businesses in the Settings → Reseller screen, so there are no issues with user accounts crossing over.

If you do not yet have a reseller account, but are interested in becoming a reseller, see our information page for the benefits of becoming a reseller, and contact our support team if you would like to convert your account.

Creating a sub-account

You can create new resold businesses in the Settings → Reseller screen.

  1. Create the new business by clicking New Account. Give the business a name. This name will be used on the users' login screens.
  2. Click Open Resold Account to open the new business.
  3. Log in to Billing & Plan within the business and click Change Billing Details to choose whether this account is billed through you, or directly to the client. If the account is paid by the client, enter their payment information.
  4. (Optional) Set up any domains this account is using.
  5. Add users and addresses to the account in the Users & Sharing screen.

If you are paying for the account yourself, you may choose not to add any admin accounts for the sub-account as this will give them access to the Billing screens where they can see, and change, payment information for themselves.

If the sub-account is being directly billed by Fastmail, we recommend giving them an admin account to let them manage their billing for themselves and other administrative tasks, including adding in all their own users.


For sub-accounts that are being billed directly by Fastmail, you don't need to do a thing. Our system will automatically invoice and receive payment for the sub-accounts.

If you're invoicing your own sub-accounts, you can view their charges by going to Settings → Reseller, selecting the sub-account and on their Billing & Plan page, viewing their invoice. Invoicing and payment of the sub-account will need to be handled outside of Fastmail.

Delete a sub-account

To delete a sub-account, you need to first delete all their users, then delete the sub-account. 

  1. To delete all the users, go to the Settings → Reseller screen and select the sub-account.
  2. Then, go to the sub-account's Users & Sharing page.
  3. Select the users to delete and remove them using the Delete button. When prompted, enter your reseller password to confirm.
  4. Once all the users are deleted, go to the sub-account's Billing & Plan screen.
  5. At the bottom, select to delete the account. When prompted, enter your reseller password to confirm.

If there are any funds remaining in the resold account, they will be transferred back to the reseller.

Lock a sub-account

To disable a sub-account (either temporarily, for non-payment or breach of service; or in preparation for deleting them), you need to disable logins on all the users in the sub-account.

Go to Settings → Reseller, select the sub-account, go their Users & Sharing screen. Select all users, click Edit, and then Disable them by choosing the radio button. When prompted, enter your reseller password to confirm.

Manage a sub-account

For more information on managing a sub-account, review our multi-user guide.

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