Using 1Password on Fastmail web

Tired of typing in your password into the web interface? The Fastmail web interface supports integration with 1Password. You can use 1Password to log in to your account, and to unlock the Settings → Password & Security screen in your account settings.

This page focuses on using 1Password with the Fastmail web interface only. For more information on using 1Password with iOS/Android apps, click here.

Using 1Password for password management

Once you have 1Password installed, it will automatically prompt you to save your username and password the next time you log into Fastmail. 1Password will also remember if you selected the Keep me logged in option.

To manually create a 1Password entry for Fastmail, use the website URL

Using 1Password with two-step verification

If you're using two-step verification, you can use 1Password to provide the authentication code, rather than needing an additional app. (Note: you must add a recovery phone to your account before you can enable two-step verification.)

  1. Open the Settings → Password & Security screen, then go to the Two-Step Verification section. Enter your password in the yellow box and click Unlock to allow changes on this page.
  2. Click the blue Add Verification Device button, then on the next screen click the blue Set Up Authenticator App button. Add a name for the device; for example, "1Password".
  3. Open 1Password and find the entry for Fastmail. Click Edit and opt to add a One-Time Password.
  4. Click Scan from screen and follow the prompts.
  5. After finishing the prompts, be sure to click Save.

Now when you log in to Fastmail using 1Password, you can use 1Password to generate the authenticator code and paste it into the Fastmail login form.

Check out the 1Password guide to one-time passwords for more details.


Having problems getting 1Password to work with us? Check out their comprehensive help documentation.

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