Lost messages

When you can't find a message and it seems to have gone missing, it's almost always down to one of the following issues. Please check carefully to see if any of them could apply. If you still don't know what happened to your message(s), please contact our support team. They'll be able to investigate exactly what happened to any message received, moved, or deleted within the last 7 days.

POP access

Most POP clients delete emails off the server once they've downloaded them. Check if you have a computer or another email service (like Gmail or Yahoo) set up to POP download emails from your account.


Discard or forwarding rules could be sending the messages to the Trash folder as they arrive. Check if you have any of these rules set up on the Settings → Filters & Rules screen. If you use an email client, it may also have its own set of rules or filters. Make sure you check these as well.

Accidental deletion or move

Remember that when you select all messages, not all the selected messages may be visible if there are more messages than will fit on a single page. If you select all and then delete or move all of the messages, be sure that you've selected the correct messages.

Check your Trash folder to see if the message has been accidentally deleted. You should also search all folders in case the messages have been accidentally moved to a folder you weren't expecting.

Compromised account

This is less likely, but it's possible that someone else logged into your account and deleted your emails. Check your login log (linked from the Settings → Password & Security screen) for any logins you don't recognize. If you see anything odd, immediately change your password and scan your computers for malware. See below for how to recover the deleted emails.

How to recover deleted emails

If you accidentally deleted an email, please check your Trash folder first. If the message is still there, you can move it back to your Inbox.

If it's not still there, you may still be able to restore it from our backup.

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