Reseller accounts

Fastmail reseller accounts are available to all account holders, but they are most suitable for IT professionals who wish to offer email hosting as part of their services.

A reseller account is an account that is able to create and manage other accounts. These sub-accounts can be individual users, or multi-user accounts such as businesses, or other organizations.

If you are looking for information on managing resold businesses, including how to create or delete sub-accounts, please see our Managing resold accounts page.

Billing models

A new subscription will start when a sub-account is opened. Free trials are only offered for non-resold accounts.

We offer two billing model options for sub-accounts. A reseller can choose which model is most appropriate for each sub-account: they don't have to all be the same type.

Option 1: The reseller bills the sub-accounts

The reseller manages the sub-accounts. The sub-accounts need to contact the reseller to make administrative changes. (Resellers do not set up any admin users within the sub-accounts).

Fastmail bills the reseller the standard fee for the sub-accounts. Resellers then charge their sub-accounts a fee for support, as well as pass on the fee to the sub-accounts for their email service.

This is ideal if the sub-account doesn't have time or expertise in managing their mail accounts and wants or needs the reseller to provide that support. It requires the reseller to have their own payment collection system.

Option 2: Fastmail bills the sub-accounts

The sub-accounts are billed directly by Fastmail. The sub-accounts can administer their own accounts, resulting in little/no management overhead for the reseller. But no mark-up can be passed on to the sub-accounts.

If the owner of a sub-account needs help, they contact the reseller who then (potentially) charges a fee for support calls.


The advantages of using a reseller account (instead of setting up all the users within a single account) are:

  • Each business has a separate name, user list, domains list, address list, distribution lists, global contact list, etc. This lets you keep each business nicely separated from each other.
  • Because each business has a separate name, you can direct each business to their customized login screen.
  • Each business sub-account gets a separate billing cycle, so when a new business comes along, you don't have to worry about back-dating or pro-rated billing.
  • There's no extra cost in being a reseller. You are only charged the standard rate for accounts you create. It makes managing businesses easier.
  • Use a custom login page with your logo.

How to become a reseller

Once you have a paid (non-trial) account, raise a ticket and our support team will convert you into a reseller. Include your expected volume of sub-accounts in the ticket so that our sales team can discuss bulk discount reseller pricing.

Once you have become a reseller, a new option will appear in the Admin section of your Settings screen where you can manage your resold businesses. For more information on managing resold businesses, please see our Managing resold accounts page.

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