Troubleshooting notes

Below are a few common issues customers may encounter when using notes. If the issue you're experiencing is not covered below, please contact our support team so they can look into it for you.

Notes have been deleted

If you accidentally delete one of your notes while using the Fastmail interface, you can immediately click Undo or use Ctrl + Z on your keyboard to restore it. On the Fastmail mobile app, you can restore it by tapping More at the bottom right of the screen and then tapping Undo.

Notes deleted in the last 7 days can be restored from the Settings → Restore screen.

A known issue with Apple Notes

A few users of Apple Notes reported that all of their Notes went missing, and we had no record of their Notes in backups. Unfortunately, this seems to be a general issue with Apple Notes, particularly when the iOS version is updated. If the device hasn't properly shared the data to Fastmail or back to the Apple iPhone/Mac desktop, then the Notes are not saved to our server on the device, and they go missing as if they were never saved at all.

Notes appear as regular emails

For compatibility with Apple Notes, Fastmail technically stores notes as emails. Fastmail's interface and Apple Notes recognize that messages stored in the "Notes" folder are notes and display them accordingly. However, other mail clients don't handle this folder differently than regular mail folders, so in other mail clients you'll see a regular mail folder with the label "Notes". 

Since other mail clients handle notes like regular emails, it's possible to delete notes to the Trash folder or move them to other mail folders. If a note gets moved from the Notes folder in a mail client, this change will also be reflected in Fastmail's interface.

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