Troubleshooting notes

Notes are missing

Notes were deleted

If a Note was deleted from the Fastmail interface, you can click Undo or use Ctrl + Z on your keyboard to restore it.

On the Fastmail mobile app, tap More at the bottom right of the screen and then tap Undo to restore the note.

For Notes that were removed some time ago, raise a support ticket, and the support team can check whether the note is available in the backups.

A known issue with Apple Notes

A few users of Apple Notes reported that all of their Notes went missing, and we had no record of their Notes in backups.

Unfortunately this seems to be a general issue with Apple Notes, particularly when the iOS version is updated.

If the device hasn't properly shared the data to Fastmail or back to the Apple iPhone/Mac desktop, then the Notes go missing as if they were never saved at all.

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