Screen lock

The screen lock feature on the Fastmail mobile app uses your phone's PIN or biometrics to enhance the privacy of your emails.

This is a useful option for parents who may want to hand their unlocked phone to their children for educational or entertainment purposes, but keep them from accessing their email.

Please note: The screen lock feature does not replace the existing password security for your account. You will still need to log in as usual with the screen lock enabled. For the highest security, we recommend using a strong password with two step verification enabled, and signing out of your Fastmail account if giving the device away.

Enabling screen lock

The app uses the existing unlock methods you have on your device. This might be a PIN, password, pattern, or biometrics like your fingerprints or Face ID. You can set these up in your device's Settings.

Once you have at least one unlock method added to your device, you can enable the screen lock by opening the Fastmail app and going to Settings → Device Settings.

After toggling the desired unlock method, you can select a timeout option for the screen lock between instant and 15 minutes. You can also enable Make notifications private in order to prevent message details being presented within a notification.

With the screen lock enabled, you will be prompted for your biometrics or PIN before you can view your Fastmail account on your device.

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