Calendar event reminders

Event reminders can help you keep up to date with the important occasions in your life. Reminders can be set either for an individual event, or as a global default, so that all events on your calendar will have notifications shown in the same way.

  1. Set it on the event itself
  2. Set a global default, so that all future notifiations will be shown in the same way.

Set default event reminders

If you know that you want to be reminded of most events in the same way each time, you can set a global default in the Settings → Preferences screen.

You can choose default notifications for events that go all day, or separately for events that are set for specific times on a day.

default reminders

Reminders can arrive via email, or can be displayed on your browser providing you have Fastmail open in a tab at the time.

Set reminders per event

When creating a new event in a calendar, the default event reminder (if one exists) is set up automatically, but you can change it if you want to.

You can receive notifications by email, in the browser, or on the app. To show the reminders in the browser and app, go to the Settings → Notifications screen and click the Calendar alerts checkbox.

notifications screen

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