Remotely log out

If you left yourself logged in at an internet cafe or on a friend's computer, don't worry: you can easily remotely log out of any device that you are currently logged into by going to your Logged in sessions page. Logged in sessions shows all of the devices on which your account is currently logged in. The location, browser/client, date, and time will also be listed for each session.

To remotely log out of your account:

  1. Open the Settings → Privacy & Security screen.
  2. Under the Logged in sessions heading, click Review to see a list of your logged in sessions for this account.
  3. Click the Log out button for the session you wish to end.

View all logins in the last four weeks

At the bottom of the Logged in sessions screen is a link to your Login log, where you can view a history of every time you logged in to your account over the last four weeks.

The Login log will show you:

  • Service: What service accessed your account (i.e., web, IMAP, CalDAV).
  • Login result: Whether the login was a successful or failed attempt.
  • IP: The IP address of the login.
  • Date: The date and time of the login.
  • Count: How many times this type of login has occurred.
  • Detail: The device or verification method used.
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