I can't sign up!

We're eager to have you become a Fastmail user! Below, we explain some common errors that you may encounter when signing up. If you're experiencing an issue that is not listed here, please contact our support team and they'll be happy to assist you.

Username is already in use

If your chosen username is already in use by someone else, consider using one of our other domains. Another option is buying your own custom domain, which allows you to create an email address that you can keep for life.

Problem verifying with mobile phone

Part of our anti-fraud and anti-spam measures can require you to verify via an SMS to your phone. If your phone provider is a VOIP service, your SMS may not arrive. Some countries also impose limits on SMS delivery. If you can't verify via mobile phone, all restrictions will be lifted if you choose to subscribe.

We're unable to accept signups from your country

We are unable to accept new signups from people based in the Russian Federation at this time. Like many other online services, the Roskomnadzor (the Russian national media regulator) has demanded that we place a server within their borders and subject ourselves to their broad-reaching data access laws. Unable to comply, we have had to close signups to anyone coming from Russia.

No one seems to own this domain

This error message means that the domain entered in the "use your own domain" field hasn't been registered yet. You can sign up with one of our domains and add your custom domain to your account at another time, or register the domain before signing up with us. If you have registered the domain prior to signing up but you are still seeing this message, we recommend contacting your domain registrar directly.

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