Fastmail beta

Want to try out new features before they’re released and help out with testing? If so, you may wish to use beta.

Beta on the web interface

To use the web interface version of beta, visit and log in with your username and regular password.

To leave, remove beta from the URL and hit Enter.

Beta on an iOS device

The Fastmail mobile app lets you switch between beta and production in settings. To switch to beta:

  1. Open the app
  2. Visit Settings → Device settings
  3. Tap Show advanced settings
  4. Tap Beta.

To leave beta, visit this same page in settings and tap Production.

Beta on an Android

To switch to beta on an Android:

  1. Open your Fastmail app and go to Settings.
  2. Tap Device settings.
  3. Scroll down to tap Advanced settings.
  4. Tap Server backend.
  5. Select Beta.

To leave the Android beta and go back to using the production app, visit this same page in settings and tap Production.

For more on this, check out our Android beta help page.

Report feedback

It’s possible that while using beta, you’ll spot bugs and strange behaviors. If this happens, please email, or open a support ticket.

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