Fastmail beta

Want to try out new features before they’re released and help out with testing? If so, you may wish to use Fastmail beta.

Beta on the web interface

To use the web interface version of Fastmail beta, visit and log in with your username and regular password.

You can stop using beta at any time by returning to

Beta on an iOS device

The Fastmail mobile app lets you switch between beta and production in settings. To switch to beta:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Visit Settings → Device settings.
  3. Tap Show Advanced Settings.
  4. Tap Beta.

To leave beta and go back to using the production app, visit this same page in settings and tap Production.

Beta on an Android

To switch to beta on an Android:

  1. Open your Fastmail app and go to Settings.
  2. Tap Device settings.
  3. Scroll down to tap Advanced settings.
  4. Tap Server backend.
  5. Select Beta.

To leave the Android beta and go back to using the production app, visit this same page in settings and tap Production.

For more on this, check out our Android beta help page.

Limited user research

When developing new features, the Fastmail product team may perform outreach to collect early feedback from users. Requests from our product team will be sent from an address ending in (a domain exclusively used by Fastmail staff), and will have a green circle with a white check mark displayed next to the sender's name in our web interface and mobile app.

Early feedback testers are pulled from customers who have agreed to receive messages from us regarding testing, or customers who have previously contacted us regarding the particular feature being tested. This limited user research may include Zoom screen sharing, sending static images, asking the user to complete surveys via SurveyMonkey, or directing a user to a temporary test interface at

How to send feedback

When using Fastmail beta, you can send feedback anytime by clicking the Send beta feedback button, located at the end of your folder list.

If we are testing a new feature on beta, please click Send beta feedback, then select the feature. This will open a survey where you can provide feedback that goes directly to our product team.

If you encounter bugs or strange behaviors while using beta, please click Send beta feedback. (If we are testing a feature, you will also need to select Something else.) This will open a template for you to fill out, which is then filed as a ticket with our support team. 

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