Fastmail icons

Favicons, also known simply as icons, are the small images that represent websites in your web browser’s tabs and bookmarks. Favicons provide a visual cue to help you recognize and differentiate between multiple tabs at a glance, allowing you to more easily navigate through tabs.

It’s common to keep multiple tabs, such as mail and calendars open, at the same time. To make it easy to tell exactly what’s open in each browser tab, we have distinct favicons for Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Files, and Notes.

A red dot will appear over the Mail icon when a new email arrives in the folder you have open. This lets you see that you have new unread mail even if you missed the notification or have notifications disabled. The red dot will disappear when the number of unread emails in this folder goes down.

Fastmail mailbox favicon Mailbox without notification
Fastmail mailbox favicon with red dot Mailbox with notification
Fastmail contacts favicon Contacts
Fastmail calendar favicon Calendar
Fastmail notes favicon Notes
Fastmail files favicon Files
Fastmail logo favicon All other Fastmail pages, including our help pages and blog.
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