Share the experience of email done right with the Fastmail referral program.

Refer new users to Fastmail via your unique link — you'll receive $10 for each user you refer, and they'll receive a 10% discount for a full year!

Signing up with PartnerStack

You will need to join PartnerStack before you can start making referrals.

You can join PartnerStack by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Settings → Refer a friend! screen.
  2. Click Join PartnerStack. Your referral link will become available.
  3. Return to your mailbox, where you will receive a verification email from PartnerStack.
  4. Follow the link to create your PartnerStack account.

Please note that generating your referral link will not automatically create a PartnerStack account for you. You will need to create your account on PartnerStack's website in order to collect your rewards.

What information does PartnerStack receive when I join?

When you click Join PartnerStack to obtain your referral link (as in step 2 above), PartnerStack does not receive your email address or real name. A Masked Email address will be automatically generated on your behalf, which is then sent to PartnerStack. You will be able to see the Masked Email address on your Settings → Refer a friend screen and your Settings → Masked Email screen.

When you create your PartnerStack account to receive your rewards (as in step 4 above), you will be prompted to provide your first and last name, and business name if applicable. (If you do not have a business, or you do not wish to provide your business name here, you can enter "N/A" or "None.")

Making referrals

For you:

  1. Find your referral link by going to Settings → Refer a friend!.
  2. Share the link with friends, family, colleagues — whoever you want.
  3. Earn $10 for every user that signs up for a Fastmail account. (See the "Redeeming referral rewards" section below for more information.)

For everyone you refer:

  1. They click on your referral link.
  2. They sign up for a Fastmail account.
  3. When they go to pay for their plan, they will have a 10% discount. For one year, they receive this discount on all purchases made.

If you refer someone who is unable to use the referral link successfully, they can raise a support ticket. If they are able to provide us with your username or referral link, our support team can add you as their referrer, ensuring that they get the discount and you get the referral credit.

Redeeming referral rewards

A referred user must submit at least $10 in payment in order for the referrer to be credited for them. The referrer will receive the reward in their PartnerStack account 30 days after the referred user hits this $10 threshold. If the referred user cancels their account during this 30 day period, the referrer does not receive a reward.

Here's an example timeline to demonstrate this:

  1. User A refers User B to Fastmail.
  2. User B signs up for a trial Fastmail account and later decides to sign up on the monthly Individual plan.
  3. After submitting payment for two months of service at $5 per month, User B has reached the $10 threshold.
  4. 30 days after User B has reached the $10 threshold, User A receives a $10 reward in their PartnerStack account. (If User B cancels their account during this 30 day window, User A does not receive the reward.)

If there are rewards available to withdraw in your PartnerStack account, you will receive reminder emails from us.

Your referral credit history can be found by logging in to your PartnerStack account.


Only account administrators on paid accounts can generate referrals or earn referral credit.

Trial users and non-admin users will not be able to see the referral screen in their settings.

Former referral program info

If you've previously used Fastmail's referral program, you will need to join PartnerStack to receive future awards. A new referral link will be generated when you join PartnerStack, but your old referral link will continue to work if a new customer uses it to sign up with us.

An archive of your referral history will be available at your Settings → Refer a friend! screen.

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