Read receipts

When you send an email, you can request a read receipt from the people you're contacting. This is a mechanism to ask the person receiving your mail to notify you when they've read it.

This functionality is usually only supported if your recipients are using Outlook or Thunderbird. Even then, they can still opt not to respond with a read receipt.

You can request a read receipt when composing an email by clicking the More button and selecting Request Read Receipt.

The Fastmail interface does not respond to requests for read receipts, but will display receipts others have sent to you.

High priority

When you send an email, you can choose to mark it as "high priority"; this tells the receiver that you believe your message should be considered urgent.

To set high priority: when composing an email, use the More button near the message header and select Mark as High Priority.

Be aware that not all email clients will display if an email is marked as high priority.

To display the importance rating of an email in the Fastmail web interface, you need to add extra headers to the standard display.

  1. Go to Settings → Display options.
  2. Click Show advanced preferences.
  3. Scroll down to the Reading section and find the Display the following extra headers when reading messages option.
  4. We'll be adding each header separately. First, enter Importance and click Add. Next, enter X-Priority and click Add

Once this has been done, you will be able to see these extra headers when you click Show details on a message.

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