Catch-all/Wildcard addresses

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A catch-all or wildcard address is one that allows all mail to any address at a domain to be filtered into a single account. You can then use rules based on the To address of a message to sort mail into separate folders if you need to.

These types of addresses are useful if you'd like to have separate mail identities for,,, but without adding extra users on your account.

To set up a catch-all address:

  1. Go to Settings → My email addresses.
  2. Create a New address.
  3. Set the email address to be *@<domain.tld> and click Continue.
  4. Optional: update any other options as required. See the email addresses page for more information.
  5. Click Save.

In addition to receiving all mail addressed to your domain, you can also send mail using wildcard addresses. When sending from a wildcard address, you'll be able to manually type the From address (to or, etc) when writing a message.

If you only have a few addresses you receive from and send to, it may be easier just to set up individual addresses.

If you have both a wildcard address and a specific address, incoming mail will be delivered to the specific address.

If you want to stop receiving mail to a specific address at the domain with a wildcard address set up, you can disable that one address. To do so: 

  1. Go to Settings → My email addresses.
  2. Create a New address.
  3. Set the email address to the one you'd like disabled and click Save
  4. Then go to Settings → Team & Sharing → Team addresses
  5. Click Edit next to the address you'd like disabled. 
  6. On the following page, click Show advanced preferences.
  7. Select the check box under Disable and click Save

Mail sent to this address will be bounced. Delivery will continue for mail sent to all other addresses at the domain. 


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