Taxes at Fastmail

All Fastmail prices are in USD and are tax exclusive. Where required by law, we may charge tax in addition to the price of your account. We use your billing address to calculate which region you are in, and how much tax we need to collect.

If you are charged tax by us, you will see the amount in your invoice. Invoices can be downloaded at the end of the month from by clicking on View billing history.

How do I find the total price I will be charged before I pay?

You can see whether or not you will be charged tax, and how much tax you will be charged, before you submit a payment.

  1. Go to .
  2. Click Subscribe on the plan of your choice.
  3. Enter your billing address. Update your company details, if you are a company.
  4. We will display a cost breakdown, including how much tax is being charged (if any).

If you already have a Fastmail subscription and would like to see how much you will be charged on your next renewal, you can see your total cost by clicking Change plan length. The price shown is tax-inclusive.

For people on automatic payment plans, our reminder emails about upcoming renewals will tell you if your tax rate has changed.

How can I view tax charged for my account?

You can view your complete tax breakdown, including how much tax has been charged, in your invoice. You can download your invoice at the end of the month by going to and clicking View billing history.

My company has a VAT ID that exempts us from paying these taxes. Where do I enter my VAT ID?

To enter your VAT ID, go to and click Update company details. Your company’s VAT ID will appear on invoices, and remove the requirement for us to charge you VAT.

Why is my VAT ID showing as invalid or unverified?

We check your VAT ID in the VIES database. It will be returned as invalid if you made a typing error. Sometimes the VIES service is offline for maintenance: you can try again later. If you are still having difficulties, please contact our friendly support team for more assistance.

My company or organization is in the US and is exempt from paying these taxes. How do I submit my exemption documentation?

Our support team can assist you with this. Please open a ticket with your documentation attached, and we'll take it from there.

Why has my tax rate changed?

Tax rates change depending on your location, local tax rates, and Fastmail’s tax responsibilities in your area. This might mean you may be charged tax when you weren’t charged in the past. We will include the tax rate you will be charged in your renewal reminder email.

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