Information for law enforcement

Fastmail Pty Ltd is an Australian company and is subject to Australian law. We are required to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to assist with investigations, where that request for assistance falls under the framework of Australian regulations.

Requesting assistance

Please contact our legal team at for assistance. If your request is time-critical, please CC: who can escalate your request.

For us to act upon your request for information, we will need a copy of the request, order, or warrant. We'll also need to know:

  • Under which Australian Act, and under which power, does your request fall?
  • Who is the issuing authority?
  • When was it issued?
  • How much time do we have to comply, and how does this timing requirement arise?
  • Is there a confidentiality requirement on your request?
  • Specifically which Fastmail account you are investigating?

If you are not an Australian law enforcement authority, you will find working within the bounds of a mutual legal assistance treaty to be the most effective route to communicate with us. The Australian Federal Police provides a list of local presence around the world, which may help.

If you do not require data, but believe that a Fastmail user has broken our Terms of Service, including phishing or spamming, you can file a report by sending mail to

Notification policy

Fastmail notifies a user if an authority has made a legal request for their information, giving them the opportunity to challenge the request.

We will delay notifying a user if we believe, assisted with the information provided by law enforcement, that notifying would create further harm to an individual or group of individuals. Notification will be delayed until we believe it is safe to do so.

We will not provide notification to a user if we have been prohibited from doing so by Australian law, or if the account has already been closed for violating our Terms of Service.

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