Trial accounts

Signup requirements

No credit card is required to sign up for a trial account. In order to stop trial accounts being abused for the purposes of spam, we do ask for your mobile phone number, so we can send a verification code via SMS. This lets us know you're a real human.


You can choose what plan type you'd like to trial upon signup, and can change this at any time during your trial period via your Settings → Billing & Plan screen. Here, you can click Downgrade or Upgrade next to our Basic or Professional plan options, and trial those instead.

A trial account also cannot create websites, forward rules, or custom Sieve rules.

You can add as many users as you want within your account, but only the first five will be active. The additional users are disabled until the account is subscribed to a paid plan. This lets you prepare all your users so you don't have any split billing.

A trial account can have a maximum of five aliases. The aliases cannot be deleted or changed.

Users who have not verified their account via SMS cannot download their emails via IMAP or POP. Users on a Basic plan will not be able to use Fastmail on third-party mail clients, or create app passwords. IMAP, SMTP, CalDAV, and CardDAV are available to Standard and Professional users only. If you have a Basic plan, you can use Fastmail on a desktop web browser or the Fastmail app on any mobile devices, such as a phone or tablet.

Unverified users also cannot see the contents of certain emails via our web interface. We block reading certain emails to prevent spammers and scammers from abusing our trial accounts to make spare accounts on other services. If you need to see the contents of these emails, please verify your account using SMS or become a paid member.

All trial accounts are limited to sending a maximum of 120 messages per day to prevent abuse. The sending limit is raised to the full account quota as soon as the account is paid for.

Upgrading to a Plan

You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time during your trial. Any days remaining in your trial will be added for free to the end of your subscription. You can choose which plan to subscribe to, and you are able to upgrade or downgrade at any time as your needs change.

Expired trial accounts

Trial accounts lose their ability to send and receive mail if they are not paid for at the end of the trial period. Shortly after, the account is disabled and eventually deleted.

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